Cone of Royalty ….Again


Don’t I look regal and royal like in my cone of royalty?  I might need a bit more practice to really achieve that look.  Well that’s ok because I have 2 more weeks worth of wearing this silly looking cone!  *SIGH*

My Margret took a look at my tummy owie early this morning saw that there were three quarter size yucky looking spots inside of the large red area on my tummy and immediately called my Greg to tell him that she thought she should call the vet.

He agreed, she did and they told her to bring me right in so they could take a look at me.  I didn’t want to leave the house again but my Margret tricked me with some cheese that got me to the door but then she had to “Mom”  me to get me to go down the steps.   I did get to sit in the front seat of the van so that was ok.

Once at the vet clinic I got to see my friends who like to pet me and call me sweet girl    The vet tech said I had licked my tummy so much that it became infected. The vet came in to look at my tummy and he told my Margret that the more it itched the more I licked it ,which caused it to itch more which then made me lick it more and so on. So I had to have a shot to stop the itching but when I looked around to see what my friend the tech was doing she was done.   I also have an antibiotic powder that will help dry up the yucky stuff.  I don’t like it when my Margret puts that on but I do get a piece of cheese which is my all time most awesome favorite treat.

I heard the vet say that in a couple of days my Margret can take off the cone and see if I go back licking my tummy, if I do then I need to go back for another stop itching shot.  If I don’t then it means that today’s shot took care of it.  I got pretty excited at the thought of only having to wear the cone for a couple of days until  I heard him tell my Margret that after that the cone goes back on until my tummy owie is completely healed…2 weeks worth of completely healed.

I must admit I wasn’t a very good girl when my Margret was checking out.  I was ready to go so I kept pulling on the leash, hard, which made my Margret spin like a top, that was fun so we did that a couple of times.  Then my friends talked to me for a bit to distract me but I was still ready to go and it took forever to get out that door! I heard my Margret tell my Greg that I must have been feeling a little better because I certainly wasn’t behaving very well. Now really would you behave if you had just been told you had to wear that silly cone for two more weeks?

~This is Bonnie, rocking the cone of royalty for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. This scenario could turn into a novel once the information takes on hindsight status — in about two weeks! My heart goes out to Bonnie — not just to the royal lady, but to her staff in waiting. The shot and the powder and the cone and determination — gotta’ work together!!! (Do pray that you all get a good night’s rest at the Abbott household.)

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