The Yucky Tasting Stuff Liking Pup


So yeah, it’s me wearing that silly “cone of royalty” again.    My Greg put it back on me last night because my tummy owie is red from where I’ve been licking it.  Why am I licking it? Because it’s itchy!!!

My Margret put that yucky tasting stuff on it earlier in the evening that makes it taste bad so I won’t lick it but like you know after awhile it didn’t taste too bad!

~This is Bonnie “the yucky tasting stuff liking” pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. Okay — so if I eat enough liver or sardines or fish eggs or whatever is terrible tasting, I just might overcome the taste for personal reasons ….. Poor Bonnie. I guess there are times that we have to learn the hard way —(that’s not “new” to me!)
    Take care Bonnie and everyone else. At least – there is an answer and you caught her in time.

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn, I don’t recommend trying those things they sound really awful! Thanks for the kind words. ~ Bonnie

  2. Poor Bonnie girl. No matter what you call it, I hate the cone. I hit the edge of the doorways when I try to walk through and get pushed back. So far, no cone after my surgery. I am trying hard to not lick my paw owie, but it is so hard not to!

    • Although my Margret and Greg moved furniture so I have a wider path I still hit doorways and that’s the absolute worst! I’m proud of you for not licking your paw owie, keep up the good work so you can stay cone free!

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