Stuffy cuddles

Morning everyone!!!!!

My Margret gives the best cuddles. It’s how we usually start our day. She says cuddling me makes her day get off on the right foot. I see her feet but I’m not sure  what the right one is.

~ This is the stuffy carrying Bess for the rest of the pups and kitties.

Bess is never too far away from her stuffies. She usually has anywhere from 1-3 of them in her mouth at any given time.  

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  1. I like that “look” in her eye! It says to me, ” don’t you dare mess with my stuffy. It’s my special stuffy.” There is so much expression in her eyes — esp. the first snapshot (for me anyway). Have a good Thursday. Good to see you last evening.

  2. Bessie does have very expressive eyes, that’s one of the special things about her. She also was saying “don’t stop, you can cuddle and pet me all day and it would be fine with me!” It was good seeing you last night as well. Take care

    • That’s funny! The few times we tried to play tug with Bess and the stuffies she let it be known that for her stuffies are a security blanket and are not to be played with. Now her sisters on the other hand love to throw them up in the air and catch them again. Bess does however love to play tug with just about everything else!

    • You are right Lexi it does. It’s time to give them all another bath. We have a bin full of stuffies and they are all well loved and pretty battered. little known Abbott crew fact. Stuffies all have to have a squeakerectomy before the pups get to play with or carry them around. All three pups do not rest until the squeaker has been ripped out of the stuffy and for good measure chewed on. After retrieving many a squeaker from the pups throats, I now have gotten rid of the middle man and take care of it before the pups get them!

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