Slumber Party

So like my Margret and I get to have a slumber party downstairs all by ourselves!  My sisters have been helping me by licking my owie since I can’t reach it myself because of my oh so silly cone. 

So since my owie is  almost all better for the second time. My Margret and my Greg decided that me and my sisters can’t be together unless they are with us. 

That’s ok I like slumber parties. I wonder what movies we are going to watch while we eat our special slumber party popcorn?

~This is Bonnie the “slumber partying pup” signing off for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. Slumber Parties — we are never beyond them! One point –Bonnie probably did not stay up alllll night! That was a nice pic of the party attendees!

    • No, she didn’t stay up all night but was up more than she usually is…We will probably have another slumber party tonight.

  2. Fun! Who doesn’t like slumber parties?! I hope you get to watch some excellent movies. Choppy says to be warned if you watch “Up,” because they are going to trick you by suggesting there are squirrels around, when there really aren’t.

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