“Just Be” Time Out


Yesterday afternoon and evening was the best ever! My Greg is on call which means if something breaks down he has to go back to work and fix it. The night before yesterday he got 3 hours of sleep due to a call back and had to go back for another call back early yesterday morning and got home early in the afternoon.  So yesterday afternoon and evening we took a “just be” timeout.  My Margret says it’s important to take the time to “just be”.  It’s where we just take the time to do nothing, hang out and relax  in an effort she says to recharge our batteries.  I didn’t know we had batteries!

Yesterday was one of the coldest days we’ve had this winter so we were all snuggly with blankets.


For the first part of the afternoon Bonnie (yep that another new cone) and I left a place in between us for our Margret so she could snuggle with us.  Which she did 🙂


After a while Bonnie left and I had my Margret all to myself.  At one point she went to move and I put my paw gently on her leg to let her know I wasn’t done snuggling yet.      We sat that way almost all afternoon!

My Greg’s phone rang a couple of times later in the evening but it wasn’t his work so he got to stay home with us.

I like this “Just Be” stuff it’s nice taking a break from keeping track of my sisters and Linus, they can be a handful you know.  As well as taking care of my Margret and my Greg. I love them  but sometimes they have to be reminded to slow down.  Yep, we’re going to have to do this “Just Be” stuff more often.

~ This is Belle, the just be liking pup signing off for the rest of the pups and kitties



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  1. You make me want to be “just be” for a while too! Yep, and I did just that this afternoon and I feel better!!! — funny how simple things in life take on a lovely new appreciation of peace — esp. those around us. Take care. Carolyn ( did any of this make any sense?)

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