The Other Puppy

So my Margret and I are still having slumber parties downstairs. Although we are now sleeping in the downstairs bedroom instead of on the living room sofa. I’ll be glad when my tummy owie is all better so me and my Margret can go back upstairs to sleep with my Greg and Belle and Bess.

The other night my Greg had to work really late so my Margret let Belle and Bess join our slumber party downstairs.  She couldn’t understand why none of us would go to the far side of the room to jump on our side of the bed.

I heard her tell our Greg tonight that she finally realized that none of us wanted to walk past the other puppy in the room.   She’s right, he won’t play with us at all. in fact he  acts like we aren’t there so me and my sisters have decided that we are just going to pretend that he isn’t there …except he is and we don’t want to walk past him, even to cuddle with our Margret.


~ This is Bonnie “the not wanting to get too close to the other puppy” signing off for the rest of the pups and kitties

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  1. This is the winter you will never forget!!!!!! Tell everyone that you are trying all the bedrooms out! Sweet dreams!!!!!!!

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