The Taker Care of Everyone Pup


Today was a good day. It was so nice and warm out that we actually wanted to stay outside, and that hasn’t happened for a long time!


Bess was checking the fields, that’s her job to make sure everything is ok.


Sometimes she stands up to get a better look across the fields to the timber.


We were supervising Bess from our spots under the tree.

Later in the day, Bess was outside and wanted back in so Bonnie rang the gotta go chime or in this case the “Let Bess in” chime but our Margret ignored it so I had to take care of it.  I went in and laid my nose on my Margret’s arm and she got the message that Bonnie and I were serious and she stopped what she was doing and went to go get Bess.

My days are all like that,  I’m always busy supervising and taking care of my sisters, Linus, Lucy when she lets me and of course my Margret and my Greg.  I’m telling you it’s enough to wear this pup out.


~ This is *yawn* Belle “the taker care of everyone” pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. Oh , it’s nice to see outdoor pics when we have some unexpected warm weather. The country life can be soooooooooooooo very nice! Congrats on your award!!!!!!!!

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