One Lovely Blog Award

One lovely blog award



I’d like to thank  my new friends at Tales of Tucker for the One Lovely Blog Award. If you haven’t visited their site please take the time to do so. They are awesome!

1. I have always had dogs in my life and usually multiples.  How I  interacted with the dogs from my childhood differed  from the interaction with the dogs when Greg and I  were raising our family and also differ from how we interact with our pups now.  The only thing that does not differ is the fact that they were all special, well loved and our past pups helped to mold me into the person that Bonnie, Belle and Bess know today.

2.  Over the years we have had rescue dogs, purebred dogs from reputable breeders, and puppies from neighborhood litters.  All had their own special challenges and joys.

3. We had three dogs who had puppies, one litter from a Baya, a dalmation that we rescued and yes we knew she was going to have puppies when we brought her home.   Then Scruffy our Westie and Nacheon our Sheltie each presented us with pups,  All the pups were mixed breeds and I was careful to find good homes for them.  My two favorite stories from that time I will never forget the look on a boy’s face, he must have been about 10 when they came to our house when I brought out his puppy and laid it in his arms.  He couldn’t believe it, he kept saying she’s mine?   Then when we kept one of Baya’s  dalmation lab pups  and my son couldn’t decide on her name.  I remember after several days of indecision he looked down at the cover of TV Guide saw a picture of the show Murphy Brown and said her name is Murphy.  Murphy it was!

4.  I grew up on a farm and there were always farm cats around.  We didn’t have our first inside cat until after I was married.   Being a dog person it took awhile for me to fully appreciated the independent nature of kitties. But thanks to the patient teachings of Pete Cat, Lucy Kitty and Linus Kitty I am now a certified Dog/Cat person!

5. Bess is the keeper of our the yard,  she runs out to the pup pen, searches the area, gives a “all is good”, or “hello bark” to which the neighboring dogs will respond.  We live on a farm so you can hear faint barking from quite a distance.

6. The day before we went to Indiana to pick up Bonnie and Belle I received a phone call from the breeder who told me that Bonnie at 9 weeks had pushed open the door and led Belle into a freshly painted room.  So although she was able to get most of the paint off Bonnie might have a few paint specks, she did,  and that should have alerted us to the independent tomboy that our Bonnie is.

7. Belle is our nurse. When we don’t feel good she is the main pup who will come cuddle and quietly stay close.  We appreciate that and it’s proven to be  good medicine.

Ok that’s more than enough about us.

Now I get to give this award to:

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  1. Lexi’s Mom (Amy) here. How interesting! I love learning more about the humans behind the dogs/cats/pigs/birds/etc. Bonnie and Lexi seem to be of a similar nature. She was the 6 week old trying to catch the air coming out of the floor vent while her siblings all took a nap.

    • Hi Amy, I enjoy hearing about folks and their lives too. Must be the history geek in me 🙂
      Thinking about Lexi doing that makes me smile!

    • Thanks Noodle, the girls and Linus couldn’t think of anything to say so they turned the keyboard over to me.

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