Not liking the Diet


So like  there is something going on that I really don’t like.  Um like my food bowl gets empty faster than it did a few weeks ago.  So I ask you what’s up with that?  I heard my Greg and Margret talking and they have decided that since Belle has um how do I say this a small weight problem that they are going to feed us the same amount that she gets so we don’t get a weight problem now that we’ve had our lady surgery.  I  don’t like that plan.

Bess is liking it even less. My Margret is starting to stand between my bowl and the Bouncy Pup because the she is starting to help herself to my supper when she finishes hers.  Um yeah no, that’s not happening!  Their dance was very entertaining tonight, I can’t wait to see what they do tomorrow night.FullSizeRender
Bess told me that she is going to give our Margret sad eyes to make her feel bad so she’ll feed us more. So far that hasn’t been working. Although Bess does sad eyes really well, I asked her if she’ll teach me how to do that. My first lesson is tomorrow.

The only good thing about our new meal plan is that our friend Lexi’s Mom told my Margret about adding carrots to our kibble. They taste really good.   Silly Belle likes to take her carrots out of her food dish to save for dessert.

IMG_1771  She told me to try it that but I think I’ll give the sad eyes a try first!

~This is Bonnie “the not happy about less supper” pup signing off for the rest of the pups and kitties

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  1. Some good strategies to try. Keep us posted on what works. Will the same strategy work for everyone??? That’s the question.
    My other question is the “sad” eyes. Will that work on humans? Let me know ….

    • My Margret says to tell you that sometimes little people try “sad eyes” too but she won’t tell me if they work or not…

  2. I am glad Your Margret is giving you the carrots. They are sooo good. Mom also buys me the “no salt added” green beans and puts those on my kibble. Mmmm. I am slim and trim now and feel so good. Mom has noticed how much more energy I have, and I will be 13 soon! In fact, she says she’s concerned I am going to hurt myself if i don’t settle down, but I just feel like running and twirling and jumping around!! Good luck on your new yummy way of eating (we don’t say diets around here).

  3. Hi Lexi, I told Belle and Bess your good news about how with your yummy way of eating you have more energy and feel really good. Belle and me aren’t too sure more energy would be a good thing for our Bouncy Sister but we’re all really happy for you, and can just picture you twirling away! I’ll be sure to tell our Margret about trying the green beans, they sound pretty yummy.

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