What Does Persistant Mean?

Bess 1yr

My Margret is sooo silly!   This morning when I was trying to wake her up she kept talking about weekend night time whatever that is and that we get to sleep longer.  Now why would we want to do that?  I tried for a long time to wake her up but she just petted me and wouldn’t get up.

So I did what any pup would do, I got my big sister Belle to tell my Margret it was time to get up.  Belle walked all over her then tried to headbutted her, which is so cool, I’ve got to learn how to do that.  But that didn’t work either. *sigh*

So then I decided to play the game where I lick my Margret’s chin But now when she pulls the covers up over her face I just go under the covers to keep licking her chin.  I love that game so much that sometimes, well most of the time, I get excited and sneeze all over her face.  For some reason that usually wakes her up.

Oh and I think I have a new middle name! This morning right before my Margret got up she said “Bess, your middle name is persistent”

~this is Bess Persistent signing off for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. That’s funny. Margret needs a siesta and a vacation. Maybe? Oh — as my daughter Chris says — find a “happy” place for a few moments.
    Take care.

    • Mrs. Carolyn tell Chris that’s a very good idea. My Margret says that when we cuddle with her that’s one of her happy places.

  2. Bess, what a pitiful look in your picture. You must have worked on that! Persistent is what I am, too. I scratch at the closed bedroom door until one of my peeps gets out of bed and lets me out. And, uh, please don’t head butt. I gave Mom a headache for a full day doing that. You are a really good girl, probably much better than me, and you don’t want to hurt Your Margret.

    • Bonnie scratches at the pup porch door when she wants to be let in, you’re right it really works! I bet you felt bad giving your mom a headache, Its more of a rolling push her out of bed kind of head butt. I don’t think it would hurt unless she doesn’t land on her feet… oh um maybe that’s not a very good idea after all. I’ll have to think about it some more. ~ Bess

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