We had fun practicing sit and find it today with Aaron. He’s one of our Greg and Margret’s little people. We still are a jump up on people bunch, although it’s mainly Miss Bouncy Bess  so my Margret had us separated by the pup gate. It was still fun. 

Best of all he made sure that “Bellie”, that’s my new nickname, got a fair share of the treats. I knew I liked that little person! 

~This is Bellie signing off for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. What a nice picture. Everyone is happy and anxious for a treat. You must have all had a fine weekend. I noticed that Katie was enjoying Gram’s lap this morning too! Now — when Monday rolls around — good memories and joy can come to your mind to bring sweet thoughts as your week days go along. Carolyn

    • It was a fun weekend! Memory making for sure. Grandma totally enjoyed holding Katie B during church, her baby smiles warm my heart.

    • That’s a great suggestion, thank Choppy for us. We did enjoy all the Cheerios baby Katie dropped. We hope she comes back really soon!

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