Snuggles and Popcorn

When my sisters and me met our Margret at the back door tonight she told us she wished we had been at work with her today. I’m not sure what work is but it sounds like fun. Maybe we can go with her tomorrow!

When she came home from her meeting tonight she made a snack.  

  We are trying to be patient as we wait for our share. 

  After our treat I curled up with my Margret.  



 She said she’s been waiting for this all day, me too. Oh and if some more of the popcorn happens to come my way so much the better! 

~ This is Bonnie “the snuggly popcorn loving pup” for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. Sounds like Your Margret needed some pooch lovin’ therapy at work today. Oh, and you would love it at work. You see people who say how wonderful you are and get treats, and have a cozy new bed and fresh water and go out to explore smells and therapize people who need it and get pet and, well, stuff. I LOVE my jobs!

    • You are so lucky Lexi! I bet you make a lot of people happy. Me and my sisters would love to go to work with our Margret. She just smiles when we give her the “please take us with you.” eyes. She says she can’t imagine us being quiet enough to be in the library, especially Bouncy Bess. Maybe someday… ~Bonnie

  2. Probably the most peaceful and relaxed part of the day yet and one that will close the day with a glowing joy from three golden retrievers and one golden haired guy.

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