What Does Savor Mean?


My Margret and Greg brought us home a yummy treat the other night.


I was sooo excited to try it I could hardly sit still and gulped it down whole. Then I looked at my sisters and saw that they were laying down and were still eating theirs. I looked up at my Margret (because she explains things to me) and she said ” Oh Bessie, these are to be eaten slowly and savored, like a thin mint cookie with a cup of coffee.

She then gave me another one so I could “savor” it, and this time I took my time and ate it in two bites instead of one.

I don’t know what a thin mint cookie is and I’m still not sure what savor means, but I think it means that I get more than my sisters!

~This is Bess “the learning how to savor” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties



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    • My Margret thought it sounded good too, but I don’t think she’s tried them yet 🙂

  1. Thank you Lexi! Tell your Mommy I’m glad she didn’t fall out of her chair, that would have hurt! Nose nudges ~ Bess

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