My Tennis Ball!

I’m so excited! My Margret was cleaning and found our tennis balls under the couch. As you may remember I have a hard time getting the tennis ball to squeak while my sister Bonnie is a show off and squeaks it non stop. But today I tried really hard and as the video proves I can squeak it almost as good as Bonnie can.

 I  am so happy to have my tennis ball back.

I also love to play catch and took the ball to my Margret so she would throw it for me.

  I’m going to keep my tennis ball close so it doesn’t get lost again.

~ This is Belle “the not so squeaker challenged” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

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    • Thank you Lexi, I love having my tennis ball back! I hope you have a good week! ~nose nudges Belle

    • That’s ok, I understand. You should see my sister Bonnie react when our Margret watches another pups video. Oh my goodness! ~ nose nudges Belle

  1. Funny how little things can be so special and important. We don’t need new stuff — just cherish that tennis ball — food may take it’s place for a while, but I bet she’ll be back with her ball before long! Carolyn
    (That look on her face of contentment.)

    • Mrs. Carolyn, you are so right. I’m really happy that my Margret found my tennis ball. It’s still pretty much where ever I am. ~gentle nose nudge Belle

    • You are right! I need to get my Margret to clean under the couches more often. 🙂 ~nose nudges Belle.

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