Rats! Foiled Again!

Rats! Foiled again!


You all know that I’m the “gotta go” chime ringer around here. I ring it when Bess wants to go outside. I ring it when Belle or Bess want to come back inside.  I also ring it when I want to distract my Margret and my Greg so I can see if they have anything good on their plates during supper time.

So the other day I discovered this awesome treat that’s on top of the washing machine, but that’s not a problem for me, I just stand up on my back legs and can reach it just fine thank you very much. Well anyway most of you know that Linus Kitty is the 4th Golden Retriever in this house and the yummy treats belong to him but because it’s his he doesn’t like to share, I mean come on you would think it was his supper or something.

So I thought of this awesome idea, Linus always comes running when I ring the “gotta go” chime because  he wants to go outside, my Margret won’t let him because he is an indoors kitty. But he keeps trying, in fact he’s been known to ring the chime and sit by the door in hopes that she’ll forget and let him out.

Ok so anyway…last night during supper I rang the chime and Linus runs over to the door leaving his food bowl as I was quietly walking over to the washing machine, my Margret asks me what I’m doing. I stood perfectly still and said “Me? I’m not doing anything”. Then she started to laugh and said “Bonnie, that’s Linus’s supper not yours.”  I couldn’t figure out how she knew what I was going to do, then I heard her tell Greg that she watched my eyes and while I didn’t move a muscle my eyes moved and looked up at Linus’s supper.

Rat’s foiled again!

~This is Bonnie, “the foiled but I won’t give up” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties

Linus, Bonnie and Belle

Linus, Bonnie and Belle

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  1. Reminds me of the Fanny Mae at Christmas time or the kringla that’s for company — snitch here and there – nobody is watching ….. all of a sudden, the other guy has no special treats!
    Linus’ must have some tasty food there!

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn! Linus has really good food, it tastes a lot better than mine! I’ll tell my Margret that you liked the photos and videos, she’s always running around sticking her phone in our faces. I usually don’t look at her but that doesn’t stop her… Have a good day and tell Mr Pastor I said hi ! ~ nose nudges Bonnie

    • Thank you for reading our posts, we really appreciate it. My Margret said to tell you that she enjoys reading yours too! ~nose nudges Bonnie

    • Oh my gosh, that’s an awesome idea! Tell Choppy thanks from me 🙂 ~nose nudges Bonnie

    • Aw, thanks Lexi! I can’t tell you how much that means to me. Maybe you could convince your mom and dad that there needs to be a chair by the washing machine to hold the laundry baskets… ~nose nudges Bonnie

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