The Waker Upper Pup


You know I’ve learned a lot over the past few months.

 I’ve learned that we don’t have middle of the night time parties unless it’s loud outside. 

I’ve learned that weekends mean I let my Margret sleep later, at least until 6:00am.

I’ve learned that when my Margret throws the blanket over her head and says “It’s still night time Bess.” even though it’s light outside, I’m supposed to go back to sleep. 

I’ve also learned that when the box thing by my Margret and my Greg’s pillows makes noise it’s time to get up! 

So this morning when that box made it’s noise and my Margret threw the blanket over her head I did the only thing a waker upper pup can do, I pulled the blanket off of her head. It worked! I’ve never done that before and she started laughing and said “Bess, is it time to get up?”  

So now I know how to get my Margret out of bed. Do you think that might work in the middle of the night too?

~this is Bess “the waker upper” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

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    • My sister Belle loves to sleep in too. She’s always the last one up so she would totally understand how Tucker feels.

  1. Bess you are one sweet and smart waker-upper, much better than an alarm clock. You can try it i the middle of the night when it is still dark, but I’m afraid all you will get is yelled at.

  2. Thank you Lexis, I think you are probably right about the middle of the night stuff, but maybe I’ll try it anyway. If I do I’ll let you know how it goes!

  3. If only Bess knew the right time to wake you up without being too early or late ….. You two will have to figure out what works the “best” for both of you!

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn, we’re working on that, if my Margret would just do it my way we’d be fine! ~ gentle nose nudges Bess

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