Visit From Friends



Mrs. Carolyn and Mr. Pastor are friends of ours and came to visit us last night.  Mrs. Carolyn always reads our blog and makes really nice comments that make us feel good.

We were happy to see them but we needed to be really careful as Mrs. Carolyn has a back owie that hurts a lot.  So my Margret and my Greg made sure we didn’t bump into her.  While Bess and Belle made the rounds to see everyone,  I wanted to stay by Mrs. Carolyn.  She does a real good job petting, I mean she’s so good she could give petting lessons.   I just sat quietly (well mostly) by her all evening.  She tried to stop a few times but I just looked at her and convinced her to keep petting me.

Our family is praying that all goes well with Mrs. Carolyn’s surgery in a couple of weeks, that she recovers quickly and comes back soon so she can pet me some more.

~This is Bonnie “I can never be petted enough” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties



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    • Thank you! It is nice, we’ve known Mrs Carolyn and Mr Pastor almost all of our lives, they came to see us the day after we came home. They also help us practice polite greeting. Thank you for the prayers for Mrs. Carolyn, my Margret will give her your message. ~Nose nudges Bonnie

    • Lexi, no one could be as good as you are!
      Thank you, it’s fun to help people feel better, if I just didn’t have to ride in the car to get to them it would be better. Now that the weather is getting warmer my Margret said we are going to start working again on learning that being in the car is a good thing. If I can get over that hurdle then my Margret and I would like to take the test again to see if we can pass the CGC test (missed it by one the last time) then try therapy dog training. First things first! Thanks for your encouragement. ~ Nose Nudges Bonnie

  1. How could you resist those adorable pups and Linus?? After a while, telling Bonnie, Belle, Bess and Linus apart is getting more realistic! — esp Bess and Linus! Yes, I have another goal to recover more quickly so that Carolyn can come back and enjoy her petting time with Bonnie!

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn, Thank you! My Margret calls it my glamour shot 🙂 I”m glad we’re getting easier to tell apart, it’s hard sometimes for even us! I can’t wait until you feel better so you can come back to see us. Take care ~ gentle nose nudges Bonnie

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