On Saturday my Margret started rearranging the furniture in the living room. I decided that she needed a supervisor so I came up from the basement to give her my expert advice in moving the couch, trunk and cedar chest.


While we were working on this my Margret became side tracked (which happens quite often I’m sad to say) and started looking at the pictures she keeps in the cedar chest. That’s when she found a picture of me taken 15 years ago when I was a kitten, right before I convinced them to let me move into the house where I rightfully belong. Scan

My sisters and I came in from being outside Saturday afternoon and ran into the living room like we always do to make sure things are the same as they were when we went out and they WEREN’T! The big couch that I lay on to look out the window was GONE!   The little couch where my Margret and I sit together was where my Greg’s big chair is and his big chair is clear across the room!  My Margret and my Greg spent a lot of time yesterday helping us get used to the changes but I don’t like it, I mean I don’t even know where to sit now. The only thing I like is that when I dropped my tennis ball under the little couch it keeps on rolling and doesn’t get lost. img_2594

All I care about is if there is still room for me on my Margret’s lap. IMG_2674.JPG

So like I think it’s fine, we have lots more room to roughhouse plus we have some snazzy new beds. We do need to figure out how to sit with my Margret in her recliner, when Bess and I try to jump up in the chair the foot thingy goes down and we slide off…but we’re smart we’ll figure it out.


I’m soooo excited, we have a window!!!! IMG_2713.JPGDo you know I can see and hear the same stuff from the living room that I can see when I run outside to our pup pen, the very same stuff! This morning though I got all mixed up, usually if I see something from inside that I want to see better I bark and my Margret or my Greg will let me outside then I ramp the steps and out I go to save the day.  But this morning I was out and barked to be let in because I knew I could see it better from the living room window but when I came bouncing in I ran a few steps toward the living room then ran back to the pup door then back to the living room and back yet again to the pup pen. While I was trying to make up my mind my Margret petted me and said “Bess you just don’t quite know what to think do you, pretty girl.” ( I like when she calls me that!) that helped me to calm down a bit so I could make up my mind…outside it is!

~this is Lucy, Belle, Linus, Bonnie and Bess “the living room looks different and we don’t like it, but kind of do, think it’s awesome” Pups and Kitties

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  1. No one — that is NO ONE likes changes!!! Age has nothing to do with it!
    (By the way, Lucy was a “doll” 15 years ago. Now, she is just a nice lookin’ lady.)

    • Hello Mrs. Carolyn. Change is hard that’s why I like spending most of my time in the basement, nothing much changes down there! ~ Lucy

  2. Hi, everyone! Every now and then Mom and Dad change our furniture around, too. Usually it’s better than it was before. My favorite thing we have now is our look-out table by the window. It used to be a decent piece of furniture. Now it has 87 billion scratch marks on the top of it. Oops! Enjoy your window 🙂 *ear licks* Noodle

    • Hi Noodle! We talked about it and we all agreed those “87 billion scratch marks” over time turn into fond memory reminders for your mom and dad.

      ~ nose nudges from all of us!

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