So it was like icky  and muddy out and my Margret and Greg needed to go run an errand. Usually like almost always we go out in our pup pen when they are gone but tonight my Greg said “Let’s let the pups stay in.” My Margret said ” In the HOUSE?” My Greg said ” Let’s just give it a try.” They did, and we did…..awesome if I say so myself!!”

~ this is Bonnie for the rest of the “it was yucky and we got to stay in” Pups and Kitties.


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    • Oh my gosh, wouldn’t that have been cool if we got that many treats!!! Nope my silly Margret forgot to put a title on this blog post. I don’t know what we’re going to do with her because now that I think about it we didn’t get any treats at all for our supreme effort to be good. All we got was a bunch of “atta girls!” I’m going to have to have a talk with her. Thanks Lexi! ~ nose nudges Bonnie

  1. They look like three ladies having an afternoon visit sitting comfortably in the living room. (Glad that they did fine on their indoor stay!)

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn,
      Don’tcha think our Margret and Greg really need to have more faith in our ability to be good? I mean come on just because we sometimes, alright lots of times get into things we shouldn’t that’s no reason to think we can’t be good. Would you talk to them for us please? ~ nose nudges Bonnie

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