My Margret Just Doesn’t Understand


My Margret just doesn’t understand!

She say’s these aren’t toys!IMG_3005She says these are our toys, but she doesn’t understand those are my stuffies and that’s something else all together.


My sisters and I love to play with socks. We get three way tugs going, they stretch really good you know! We throw them up in the air and see who can catch them first. We also love to body slam each other out of the way so we can grab them first.

We also love to play with dish towels. We can play tug with those too but it’s more fun to play keep away with them. I am the princess of keep away!  And dish cloths,  especially the ones that are still wet from doing dishes, oh my, they taste so good, you ought to try them someday.

But no, my Margret has to ruin all of our fun by saying “leave it” or “give” and she just doesn’t  understand how hard that is to do.  I mean we listen… kind of…after awhile… well sometimes…

~This is Bess “the I wish my Margret would understand” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

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    • Lexi, Flip flops sound like a lot of fun! Can you flip them up in the air and catch them before they flop? ~ Bess

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