Chillin on a Sunday Night

Tonight we’re all just hanging out chillin and cuddling.

My sister Bonnie loves snoozing with my MargretBelle wanted a turn too and she got one.Linus found his own cuddle spot.But now that it’s finally my turn I’m not budging! 

~This is Bess for the rest of the Sunday night chillin Pups and Kitties.

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    • Lol, no Lexi, I have a ridge of fur that stands up. My Margret says it’s a good thing because sometimes it’s the only way she can tell me apart from my sisters!

  1. Nice pics — Gerry just got me set up w/ the lap top in the dining room. Now the picture of you with your Linus says that maybe you have cat eyes — similar but not the same — yours are bigger and prettier.
    The colors in the snapshot are warm and inviting.

      We sure hope you feel better soon. I’m glad Stas pup is helping Mr. Pastor, Mrs. Beth and Mrs. Chris take care of you. Very very gentle nose nudge~ Bess for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

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