Me and the Bouncy One

I’ll deny it if you tell her but I kinda like playing with the Bouncy One my Margret calls Bess.

We play hide and seek
She likes to play tag with me and my favorite part is keeping just out of reach. Ha! It works every time!

The other day we discovered this new toy in the living room under the big box that talks. If you press the round thingy, bright  sparkles run and dance and you can try and catch them. All of a sudden they were gone and we looked all around the big box trying to find where they went. I don’t know why my Margret and my Greg just stood there laughing, humph the least they could have done was help us find them!

Who knows maybe the bright sparkles will come back tomorrow, in the meantime…here Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy wanna play tag?

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    • Thanks Noodle I knew I could count on you!
      We guys gotta stick together. ~ Linus

    • Thanks Lexi! My dog sisters told me all about you, and I already like you. But its fun that we’re about the same size, do you sit under chairs too? ~ paw pat Linus

    • Hi Dakota! I’m glad you have fun with the kitty in your house. Do you play hide n seek and tag? Maybe you could teach the Bouncy One and myself some new games. ~ paw pats, Linus

  1. Margret, It’s fun to see the kind of games they play — so much like the games we played when we were growing up! Have fun — maybe I should find a game to play with my husband!

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