A Mouse Catchin Chime Ringin Kinda a Day

IMG_3118You would have been so proud of me! This morning  I rang the gotta go chime to let my Margret know I had to go outside. Ringing that chime is a real big deal around here.                               I usually don’t have to do it because my big sister Bonnie rings it for me but she wasn’t up yet so I did it. You should have seen how excited and happy my Margret was with me.

So that’s why I don’t understand why when I caught the mouse that was hiding under our waterer a few minutes later she wasn’t happy.  I mean I know I dumped the 2 gallon jug of water all over the floor when I was catching it, but how was I supposed to get to the mouse with that jug in my way?

I wish I wouldn’t have gotten in trouble for checking to see if the mouse ran back under the waterer after my Greg took it from me. I couldn’t help it that the waterer got knocked over again,  it was still in my way.  My sisters weren’t any help because they were too busy telling her that they were being good. Like I wasn’t being good…I mean who caught the mouse anyway. *sigh*

~this is Bess “the Chime Ringing, Mouse Catching” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties


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  1. Aww, Bess, you are right, it isn’t fair that you got in trouble for catching a mouse. Doesn’t your Margret know the saying, “Don’t cry over spilled water?” You are a good dog. Good dog.

    • Oh Lexi, you always make me feel better. I’ll go tell my Margret right now about that saying, I don’t think she knows about it. Thanks! ~nose nudges Bess

  2. Bess,
    I know . Some times you try to do what’s right and things get all goofed up and you are in the “dog house” so to speak. People just don’t quite get it. Oh well, God understands and He sees the bigger picture and for that I am glad. I think Margret does too. However, knocking over the water is a no no from now on even for a mouse. After all, it all worked out in the end. Hey, I think that I just talked to Miss Carolyn too!
    Your Friend Bess,

    • Thank you Mrs. Carolyn. I needed that reminder about God understanding.
      I’ll try not to knock over the waterer anymore but it’s going to be hard especially if there is a mouse. But I’ll try hard just for you 🙂

  3. I know Ms. Margaret is thinking 1 step forward 2 steps back but I think you did a GREAT job! Not only did you ring the bell but you protected EVERYONE from a mouse! *ear licks* Noodle

    • Noodle, have you been talking to my Margret, she said that’s just what she was thinking! Thank you for saying I did a great job, that makes me feel better. Now if I could just get my Margret to say that, maybe next time. ~ nose nudges Bess

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