The Kitty Pup


I getting really good at my new job as mouse catcher.  Yesterday morning I found another one under our waterer. My Margret remembering what happened the day before didn’t want to deal with all of that before her first cup of coffee and told me that I needed to go outside in the pup pen for awhile.

When my Greg woke up he checked under the waterer and sure enough I was right, there was a mouse under there.  Linus just stood there and watched while my Greg took care of it.

All of this was going on while I was out in the pup pen so I didn’t know what had happened until Linus told me later.   As soon as I came in I ran right to the waterer to see if the mouse was still there.  I knocked the waterer around a bit just to make sure.

13241127_1050403508360399_1640576073608021427_nEven though Linus and my Margret told me it wasn’t I could still smell it so I was pretty sure they were wrong.  All evening I kept watch, Linus watched with me for awhile.



Finally today my Margret moved the waterer and put down a bowl of water,

dog water

She doesn’t understand why I’m not watching it anymore or trying to knock that over but anyone can see that there isn’t a mouse hiding under the bowl.  That silly Margret, what are we going to do with her?

~ this is Bess “the kitty” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

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  1. Even the mice are coming out with the Spring weather. I know that Margret is not too fond of mice. Glad all is now well. Not everyone is as alert as Bess, but the mice patrol will continue — let Greg take care of the mouse!

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn, My Margret has nothing to fear I’m on the job (even if my Greg does have to help me! ~nose nudges Bess

  2. Bess, doesn’t Miss Margret know you are only doing your job? And with that great sniffer of yours, you can tell where the mousie is, where it was, and probably where it is going. (Hope you get to catch the next one, and what’s up with that lazy cat?)

    • Hi Lexi! That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to tell her and I think she’s starting to get the idea, finally! Linus says he watches for mice when we are outside so it’s my turn when we’re in. I guess that means we’re a team!

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