Keeping Everyone In Line


My Margret said it was my turn at the blog tonight because I haven’t had  a turn for awhile.


I’m the one who keeps everyone else in line and sometimes that can be quite a job but lately things have been pretty quiet, so quiet in fact I could almost doze off…..                                                                                                                                                              Well it’s been quiet unless  you count Bouncy Bess not believing the mouse is gone. She getting better because  today she has only given the water  a couple of sniffs.  I’m glad she’s almost over that because Bonnie and I had to keep reminding my Margret that we were being good so we wouldn’t get into trouble too.

My Greg shared his cashews with us the other night.  We all stood really close to remind him that we needed some too.  I got the most (well not really because he made sure it was even) but I should have because between my laying my head down on the chair and giving a pleading look I beg way better than my sisters.    Shhh don’t tell anyone but I practice when no one is looking.  It works really well, you all should try it.


We’re all really tired tonight, even Linus, because while my Margret and my Greg were at work it stormed really bad and we were kind of scared so now that everyone is home we’re ready to take a long nap, well at least until snack time.

~this is Belle “the keeping everyone in line” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.


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    • Thanks Lexi! I’ll be more than glad to send my sisters to you every once in a while so you can use your “keeping everyone in line” skills.
      ~ nose nudges Belle

    • I’ll snuggle in and take one with you Mrs. Carolyn. The bouncy one got me to bouncing during the night so we’re all tired today! ~gentle nose nudges Belle.

      Note from my Margret: We aren’t sure what our Bouncy Bess heard, we think it was the birds at least at one point possible deer too, but she sure wanted to go investigate and she got Belle all stirred up too. *sigh*

  1. OMD you will not even believe me when I tell you what’s in one of the rooms in my house right now. A MOUSE! Yes, a MOUSE! I didn’t even know we had mice near our house. Rats, yes (we have a farm after all). Mice, no. Mom and Dad set a live trap for it and Mom gets goosebumps every time she goes in there even though she loves mice. She just doesn’t want it jumping on her. *ear licks* Noodle

    P.S. I love cashews!

    • I’ll send Bess to you. She keep an eye on it so your mom will know right where it’s at at all times, until it finds the live trap. By the way, tell them to try peanut butter in the trap. The only thing better than cashews is popcorn! ~ nose nudges Belle

      • We have peanut butter in the live trap AND a nutri-berry. Nutri-berries are bird treats/food. They are seeds held together with peanut butter. The mouse has been living off the bird food so we figured we’d give him a choice. Mmmmm POPCORN!

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