Baths Bah!


I. don’t. like. baths. at. all.

I don’t!

I’ve been licking my leg a lot the past couple of days and I’m not telling my Greg or my Margret why I am because it’s fun to make them guess why I’m doing that. Well it was until this morning when my Greg said “maybe a bath would help.”

I didn’t hear him say that so when my Margret told me to go upstairs with her I thought we were going back to sleep.  Humph!  Nope!

How much do I not like baths you ask?  Enough that my Margret has take me over to the tub and lift me in that’s how much.  Now I feel badly about that especially when I jumped out before my bath was finished and got the floor all wet and shook so hard my Margret got all wet. She told met that if she had wanted a bath she would have taken one.

She tried to go fast because she knows I don’t like baths and it does feels good getting towel dried but I still have to stay upstairs until I’m a bit drier.  *sigh*


My sister Bonnie stayed close to keep me company but she loves her bath so she really doesn’t understand why I don’t like mine.  But it was nice to have her keep me company.

~This is Belle “the can I come down yet, I’m dry, well kinda of ” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

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  1. You wonder “why” one pup likes a bath and another doesn’t??? –Just like people I guess!
    — Glad it’s over for a while and now you are the cleanest pup — aha!

    • Thanks Mrs. Carolyn! Well… I was the cleanest pup until I started working on the hole I’m digging in the pup pen… ~ very gentle nose nudges Belle

    • Every Week!!! Oh Lexi I can’t imagine. Maybe you could wear something heavy that would make it harder for your mom to scoop you up. Let’s think about it I bet we can come up with something. ~ nose nudges Belle

    • Hi Noodle! It’s so nice to be understood. Thank you, *happy sigh* ~nose nudges Belle

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