Cheese Makes Everything Better


What do these things have in common you ask? Well lets just say this morning’s bath didn’t stop me from licking my itchy leg.    My Margret and my Greg worked as a team, (they do that a lot) and while my Margret distracted me with my all time favorite snack CHEESE my Greg was busy with the buzzy shaver thing shaving off some of my beautiful fur. I couldn’t believe it, doesn’t he know how long it takes to grow it just right and then in the matter of a few pieces of cheese it’s gone!!!!

Then my Margret puts that white puffy powder stuff on it which of course I promptly licked off, then after that she sprayed this apple tasting vinegar stuff on it which is supposed to make everything better…I licked that off too.

The next thing I knew I was wearing the cone of royalty and my Margret put more of the white puffy powder on.  It’s enough to make even the happiest pup pout, which I did, and very well I might add!IMG_3406

The next thing I knew, my Margret was on the floor beside me and said my name in her gentle “I love you Belle and only want what’s best for you” voice and explained that they wanted to stop the itching before it turned into a hot spot, then she gave me a cuddle and another piece of cheese and you know things didn’t seem so bad anymore.


~this is Belle “the making the best of things especially if there is cheese involved” pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

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  1. — Don’t think I have ever seen such a contented (happy?) face of royalty. I hope that it lasted. Hopefully, Belle will soon be well and over her need for the cone. There are so new many things outside. Take care! Have a good Thursday!

    • Thanks, Carolyn, she actually sat up and posed for the happy picture. Silly loveable pup! We’re hoping that by catching it early it will get better faster. Hope you have a good day tomorrow! Margret

  2. Hi Belle. Did you know that the cone actually accentuates your beautiful face? I know I advocate cheese as well as tips on how to get other treats, but I think you took it too far this time. May the itchies stop soon, sweet friend.

  3. Aw Lexi what a nice thing to say. Thank you. I guess was trying too hard, but I mean come on it is cheese after all. ~ nose nudges Belle

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