It’s Time To Get Up!


My silly Margret, doesn’t she know that when the wake up noise happens it’s time to get up!   This morning she sat up, looked around, laid back down and pulled the “it’s still night time Bess” blanket over her head.  Good thing my sister Belle taught me how to head roll my Margret out of bed.

~this is Bess “the my Margret getter upper” pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.


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  1. Margret can’t win, but she is still clever on fixing things. She will fix things or adjust. — whatever that means ……. ! Continue to have fun scenarios with your pups and kitties. — Making memories — just give her some sleep time!

    • But Mrs. Carolyn my Margret has already won. She has us! 🙂
      Hope you are feeling better. ~ very gentle now nudges Bess.

    • That’s funny Lexi although now that I think about it my Margret wasn’t too happy with me. But that doesn’t make sense I mean why wouldn’t she want as much time with me as she could get? ~Bess

    • No, I usually start at 4:30 but she makes me wait until the noise thing goes off at 5:00. *Sigh* it’s hard to be patient ~ nose nudges Bess

      • Understood – our pups and kitties started at 5 this morning, and our alarm doesn’t go off until 6:45!

      • Oh I feel your pain! Hopefully you were able to hold them off until your noise thing went off?
        ~ Bess’s Margret

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