June Pupdate!


Hi all!

I’ve been elected to give you a pupdate.

Hmmm where to start, well I’m not licking my paw any longer. My Margret tried a couple of things that kinda worked but not for long then she tried something else and it took the itch completely away, I’m not sure who is happier me or her.

We got to meet some new friends over the past couple of weeks.  They are a lot of fun and don’t mind if we jump on them. Of course my Margret wasn’t happy at all about all the jumping stuff and said  that they saw us at our worst.  Which if you think about it isn’t a bad thing because it can only get better from there right? I personally don’t think we were that bad, I mean they came back to see us. We tried to tell our Margret that we were just excited to make new friends but she just gave us the Margret look. *sigh*

Anyway my sisters and I talked about it IMG_3478

We told our Margret that they can come back and play anytime! Bonnie agreed she just let us do the talking for her.IMG_3482

My Greg installed a ceiling fan  in the upstairs hallway where we like to sleep. It’s been really hot so it feels good.  He takes real good care of us!IMG_3499IMG_3500

Oh I almost forgot our Margret and Greg went to visit some of their big and little people and their pup Patch. 9

I sure hope we get to meet him sometime, he looks like he would be fun to play with.

I don’t have an pupdate on Linus, he just wanted to make sure he was included. Silly pup, I mean kitty.

IMG_3487Well that’s all the news, time to go back and do what we do best!  My job was to lay behind Greg’s chair and keep him safe while he was working on the computer. Bonnie’s job was to keep her paw on me to steady  me should I have to more suddenly and Bess’s job was to make sure her stuffy didn’t get away. As you can see we take our jobs very seriously.

IMG_3518 ~This is Belle “the it’s a tough job but someone has to do it” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties





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  1. Belle, we loved your update. I see you three take your jobs as seriously as do I. Your Greg is a great Dad to make sure you are all comfortably cool. We have a ceiling fan in the bedroom where we sleep and Mom or Dad always put it on at night to be sure I am comfortable. 🙂 *nose touches*

    • Thanks Lexi! Our Greg is really special just like your folks are. Aren’t ceiling fans awesome! By the way I’m not sure if you realize it but you’ve been a role model for my sisters and I. We kind of look at you as an Aunt Pup to us. I hope that’s ok? ~gentle nose nudges Belle

  2. What an excellent update and glad you have some new friends to enjoy. The snapshots just fit the true story as you share your June news. Is this the typical day in the life of the 3 Pups and a couple of Kitties? Hope you get to meet Patch. The ceiling fan will be a nice addition to keep you comfortable — thanks to Greg!
    It’s June 16th — hope the rest of June is as much fun — I am saving your pictures. They are “photographer quality!” Carolyn

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn, Yep, that’s a typical day. We appreciated our Greg putting up the fan. Our Margret held the flashlight, picked up all the dropped screws and added moral support and we stood at the bottom of the stairs because we didn’t want to miss out on all the action. I’m glad you like our pictures! We hope you are feeling better and better everyday. ~gentle nose nudges Belle

    • I sounds like Choppy is taking very good care of you. Taking care of our people Is what we pups do you know. I hadn’t thought of guarding the bed, that’s a good idea. I’m going to have to add that to my job tasks. Thanks! ~gentle nose nudges Belle.

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