He’s Our Greg!

So my Greg took my sisters and I out to our pup pen and there was something new out there.


Belle and Bess weren’t too sure what to do but I knew and I jumped right up and thanked my Greg before sliding down the slide.


Belle wasn’t sure she liked it but I told her she would if she tried it. Bess just watched to see what she would do.  Belle didn’t like sliding down the slide, she decided to ramp it and she jump to the end of the slide.  She also thanked our Greg before jumping the slide.



The real surprise came when our bouncy, “the bouncier the better” sister Bess wanted nothing to do with the slide. I’m sure she’s going to like it, it’s just going to take awhile.

My Greg has big people that he’s a dad to and little people who know him as grandpa but  to us he’s our Greg and we’re glad he is.

~this is Bonnie “he’s our Greg” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties


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  1. So, Bonnie went down the slide first? Right? Belle and Bess probably have gone down the slide by now. What a nice Father’s Day surprise! You girls will never forget this special day. The weather was perfect to try out your new slide. Have fun and get a little exercise too! —– Welcoming home Margret!

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn,
      We’re glad our Margret is back home, although we always have fun with our Greg.
      Belle and Bess are still getting used to the slide but I don’t think it will be long before they see how much fun it is.
      Hope you are feeling better~ real gentle nose nudge Bonnie

  2. Happy Father’s Day, My Greg! Bonnie, you saw the fun right away, smart and brave girl that you are. The slide reminds me of the ramp I used to do at agility, but I know the slide is slippery and you couldn’t run down it. Hope everyone is having fun with it by now!

    • Wow! Thanks Lexi for saying all those nice things! I bet it was fun doing agility, I mean if part of it was climbing up and going down ramps and stuff like that it couldn’t help but be awesome.
      It’s going to take more practice for Bess to see how much fun it is. But maybe with enough treats to get her started she’ll see it sooner rather than later. Oh and I’ll give my Greg your greeting. ~ gentle nose nudges Bonnie

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