Guess what! Guess what! Guess what! We had company this weekend! One of the big people who belong to My Margret and My Greg came to help them paint the outside of their house. Well…until it started to rain anyway, then he went home. 

It was a lot of fun having him here. He thought we were really really smart and he petted us almost as much as we wanted him to.

My sisters seemed to think he should pet them too but I took care of that! I just nosed them out of the way so he would keep petting me.  But he made sure they got a lot of attention, he’s nice like that.

He was soooo much fun. I really hope he comes back soon.
~ this is Bess “we really like company” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties

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  1. We three love it when people come to visit. They give Us the love and attention that We so richly deserve, not to mention tasty treats as well. Love Nellie, Jasper and Itai, the three bestest maremmas in all the land.

    • Hi Nellie, Jasper and Itai! I know, isn’t it the best ever when people come to visit!
      Hmmm treats, the big person forgot to give us treats. We’ll have to remind him the next time he comes to visit! I’m glad you said something!!!
      ~ nose nudges Bess

    • Hi Lexi!
      Your secret is safe with me. We vocal girls need to stick together! I totally understand, my job is to warn everyone about everything. You know bunnies, outside kitties, butterflies, birds, you know everything…
      ~ Nose nudges Bess

  2. Sounds like his visit was for the pups — esp. Bess. Sometimes that happens. You never know …. He surely looked comfortable. I am sure that Margret and Greg enjoyed seeing him too!

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