My sister Bess loves, I mean loves stuffies. She usually has at least one and usually more in her mouth at any one time. 

Stuffies get dirty.

and have to be washed every once in awhile. Bess doesn’t like it when that happens at all! She was staring at the washer and dryer as if that would make them get done any faster. It didn’t.

Finally they were dry!
My Margret took the bin into the living room where it belongs. Truth be told we all like them. 

I mean who doesn’t like a stuffie especially one right from the dryer. 

~ this is Belle (the I love stuffies too) Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kittues.

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    • Hi Lexi!
      Bess was really worried about that very thing. She was afraid that she’d never see the stuffies again. I tried to tell her it would be just fine. But I don’t think she believed me. I was really glad when they came out of the dyer.
      ~ nose nudges Belle

    • That’s so cool that we have the same stuffie!
      It’s fun to tear them up isn’t it? My Margret doesn’t always understand that. We keep trying to tell her. ~ nose nudges Belle

      • If you guys enjoy tearing stuff up tell your Margret to check out Barkbox destroyers club. You earn free points for new toys for every toy you destroy. 🐶

      • Thanks! I’ll let her know, I don’t think she’s ever heard of that. We’re pretty good at destroying the undestroyable.

    • Dakota, tell your mom not to be embarrassed. My Margret wouldn’t wash them either except my sister Bess always, always has them in her mouth so they get wet and yucky, and stinky add golden sparkly fur to it and well… they need to be washed.
      ~nose nudges Belle

  1. I am always afraid when the toys have to get washed. Also when Mom switches all the toys in my toybox with the bag of toys hidden in the closet. Seeing an empty toybox is scary, even if it’s only for a few minutes. I’m glad everything worked out over there!

    Love and licks,

  2. Thanks Cupcake! I don’t know what Bess would do if she didn’t have her stuffies. My Margret had to leave a couple of the least disgusting ones out of the wash so she had something, but of course they weren’t the favorites. Oh my! I can see where having an empty toy box would be scary for you. I hope the toy switch out doesn’t happen often. ~nose nudges Belle

  3. Thank you !!! How much fun — to have my stuff back all refreshed and not lost but better than ever. It’s good that they can be refreshed. Hopefully, Margret can make a few brownie points when they come out of the dryer — at least for a minute!
    How many dogs would stick their head in a dryer?

    • Mrs. Carolyn, you’re back! We missed you. We were really glad to get our stuffies back, of course they already need to be washed again. We do tend to keep My Margret busy. When it comes to getting our stuffies we all stick our head in the dryer some just more dignified than others. ~ Gentle nose nudges Belle

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