The Tennis Ball Guard


Those of you that know me well know that I love tennis balls and that my little sister Bess sometimes drives. me. crazy!   She always wants what I want and while we usually share our stuff  I really don’t like sharing my tennis balls.

This morning My Margret was sitting on the couch having her coffee and reading a book before she had to get ready for work and I was on the couch beside her with my tennis ball. Up jumps the bouncy girl who wanted  it too so I dropped it in My Margret’s lap.  My Margret quickly tucked it away by her side as Bess nosed me out of the way so she could sit and stare at My Margret in hopes that she would give her my tennis ball.

Now My Margret can out wait any of us so after 15 minutes Bess finally got tired of waiting and jumped down to go into the other room. After she had left My Margret quietly gave me back my tennis ball and tucked it in by my side.  I gave her a thank you look and she ruffled my ears and gave me a quick cuddle.   We understand each other very well especially when it comes to guarding tennis balls.

~this is Belle “the I got the best tennis ball guard in the world” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties


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  1. How nice for Belle to have her tennis ball — contentment is written on her face and body position. — How nice of Margret to let Belle know that Bess is not going to get by with this act. I smile at your story. Have a great day — everyone!

  2. Oh, I knows how you feel! though I am an only pup, I don’t have to share my goods with ANYONE, I don’t even likes Ma to fiddle with them! Hey, the tenny balls are sacred! I understand….
    Ruby ♥

    • Hi Ruby! It’s so nice to have someone else who understands how special tennis balls are. Thank you! ~nose nudges Belle

  3. It’s amazing how many fights there are over tennis balls. I am thrilled you and your Margret have this great understanding! Smart girls, the both of you.

  4. That is wonderful that Your Margret works so hard to protect your tennis ball! My tennis ball is called Wilson and I love him! I want to play with Wilson all day long! I think we must be related! Thanks for visiting our blog!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy and Stanley

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