So like My Greg filled our Kongs today with his special  blend of peanut butter, cheese and a pup cookie. 

It took him a very very long time but we were patient.

And it was very very good!

~this is Bonnie “the peanut butter, cheese and cookie Kong loving” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. Hi Cupcake! We never get Kong cookies, that’s why it was sooooo good. I finally gave My Margret my Kong this morning so she could help me take out the yummy cookie. She’s good like that. It was soggy but still finger licking good, oh and so was my sister’s. Shhh don’t tell Bonnie.~ Bess

    • Hi Mrs. Amy!
      No, this was a “we’ve been bored and getting into everything” treat! I sure wish it was an every Sunday treat! ~Gentle nose nudges Bonnie.

  2. I knew Greg was a good chef! The look of contentment on the pup’s faces and body language is so obvious. Maybe, Greg ought to write down his recipe and share it for the “joy” of the canine community!

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