My Margret took me to our vet this morning because I had a hot spot and what she thought might be an ear infection. 

I stayed really close to My Margret while we were waiting.  I don’t like waiting very much but I did get to meet Mazie dog who was about the size of Linus kitty.

It turns out that I hurt my toe, (they aren’t sure how and I’m not talking) and in licking it to make it feel better the hot spot started.  My ears are inflamed but not infected yet.  Oh and I weigh 75 lbs. I don’t think anyone noticed because I haven’t heard the d word yet.

This medicine is supposed to help me feel better soon and I have to wear the cone of royalty but that’s ok I’m kind of used to it.

My Margret told My Greg that I was a good girl. I walked nicely past our outdoor kitties on the way to the car. I climbed up on the scale and turned around and sat quietly st the vet office. And I sat like a good girl in the backseat when I really wanted to be in the front. 

~this is Belle “I see cheese and hot dogs in my future” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. Great job, Belle. I used to have to tape a baby sock on Lexi’s foot when she had a problem so she didn’t make it worse. That kept her out of the cone. I hope you got your special treats.

    • Hi Mrs. Amy!
      Thank you! I would love to have a sock on my foot but My Margret won’t put it on because between me and my sisters we would have it off and in pieces in nothing flat.
      I’m loving the cheese! ~gentle nose nudges Belle

  2. Hi Belle! I sure hope you feel better soon – like super fast, so you can ditch the cone. I had a hot spot a couple months ago, and Mometamax and some antibiotics cleared it right up. Oh … and leaving it alone. Right. Well, that was the hard part – right? I hope it goes just as well for you!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

    • Hi Margaret Thatcher!
      Thanks, I’m glad your hot spot went away quickly and I hope it stays away. That whole leaving it alone thing is sooo hard. I’ve got Neo-Predefined powder an antibiotic and a steroid to help mine get better. My Greg took the cone of tonight and if I can leave it alone they’ll let me keep it off. Paws crossed! ~ nose nudges Belle

  3. Hi Cupcake!
    Thank you! I’m still holding my breath about the d word. I saw My Margret look at our records and I gained a bunch, well some weight since my last appointment. But maybe she’ll forget all about it… maybe. ~ nose nudges Belle.

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