Jamison Kitty

A few days ago our friends Noodle, and his sisters Macy and Molly along with his mom and dad said goodbye to their very special kitty Jamison.                                                                         We didn’t know very much about Jamison except that he was a very loved kitty then today Noodle posted Jamison’s story and reading about how Jamison became a part of Samantha and Greg’s family (Noodle’s mom and dad) he was indeed a very special kitty who knew who he wanted for his family.

We’re very glad that we had a chance to learn more about what made Jamison the special kitty that he was.  Our thoughts, prayers, nose nudges, cuddles and hugs go out to Samantha, Greg, Noodle, Macy and Molly.

~Bonnie, Belle, Bess Pups, Linus and Lucy Kitties and My Margret and My Greg.

P.S.  We tried to get My Margret to post it to the blog hop but what are you going to do she isn’t as tech savvy as she would like to think she is (although she is learning).  She hopes Noodle’s mom will realize that even though this wasn’t a part of the blog hop it’s still heartfelt and full of love.  ~this is Linus Kitty for the rest of the Pups and Kitties

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  1. We rejoice w/ our friends and we sorrow w/ our friends in times of life. Though, I didn’t know Jamison, I know what it’s like to lose a special friend and that makes my heart understand a little. Have a quiet, reflective evening.

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