Imaginary Whatchamacallits

My sister  Belle is the “watcher over all of us” pup. She does a great job but sometimes she needs help so she made me her “Finder and Keeper Tracker of Imaginary Whatchamacallits.”  My Margret and My Greg say I do a really good job!

The past few days there have been a lot of imaginary whatchamacallits to check out. So there’s been a LOT of in and out and in and out and …. 

Thank goodness both of my sisters are really good at helping me keep an eye on things.  We speak sister so all I have to do is look out the window or head for the pup porch door and they are right behind me. 

But getting My Margret or My Greg to let us out can be kinda hard sometimes. I don’t ring the “gotta go” chime (my sisters do that for me.) So when they don’t know I want to go out I go and stand by My Margret or My Greg and give them the “something is happening I need to go out right NOW” stare, if that doesn’t work I bump their arm, hard, then they say “show me” and I run to the pup porch door. 

Hey! I just thought of something, My Margret and My Greg get a lot of exercise as they get up to let us out, I guess that also makes me the “making sure my family gets enough exercise” pup.

Oh there’s another one gotta go!

~ this is Bess “Finder and Keeper Track of Imaginary Whatchamacallits” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. Yes, Bess you keep everyone in the house in shape, it seems. I also used to tell Lexi, “Show me,” and she always did, quite excitedly, I might add. I wonder if Your Margret would tell me her technique for training to ring the bell to go out, and what kind of bell. I would like to teach Lucy, as she currently has no communication to let us know. I just let her out periodically and it has worked so far.

    • Thanks Mrs. Amy! ~Bess

      Hi Amy,
      We use a set of wind chimes and have them on a hook pup nose level by the door the pups go out.
      To start with every time the pups go out we would pause before going out and we ring the bell and say good girl. After doing this several times we go to the next step where we take a treat hold it by the wind chimes so when the pup takes the treat the chimes ring, again saying good girl. Eventually the pups started ringing the chime on their own. Bonnie and Belle learned in just a few days but Bess has only rung the chime a couple of times because her sisters ring it for her. Silly pups!
      Good luck!

      • Thanks. I think I have just the thing, a spirit catcher that was left on my door at work when I started there, and I never removed it. I will let you know how it goes.

  2. Belle has to keep life “interesting.” After Christmas, we don’t want to let life get dull. So, who knows what she’ll think of next. It sounds like you can create some fun too!

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