What A Team!



We couldn’t agree on who was going to post this time so My Margret said we all could!

They’re at it again. Ladders, furniture moving, loud stuff, weird goings on, like My Margret sitting on the top of the refrigerator, means only one thing. My Greg and My Margret are in fixer up mode.  Their project right now?  Dry walling, wallpaper border removing and painting the entryway, kitchen, dining room and living room.  They are doing this all while working full time and keeping up with their other stuff too.  And they think we are silly. Never fear I am on the job and will keep an eye on them so things will go smoothly.~ Belle Pup.

CHAIR POTATO indeed! So like the other day My Margret gave me a cuddle pat and called me a chair potato, I mean come on just because I go from chair to chair, and sometimes the couch to find the most cozy spot to curl up is no reason to call me names.  But wait like maybe it’s not a name but a title. I like that!  Shhhh, don’t tell My Margret and My Greg but I like to stay in the house so I can help Linus do his job.  I’m guess it’s kinda like Linus’s assistant. Oh another title! ~ Bonnie Pup

I am the mighty hunter!  I was so excited, the other day, My Margret heard me and Bonnie barking and looked out to see me with a opossum that had gotten in our pup pen.  I made sure it wasn’t going to come in our pen again.  Then the next morning after going out to make sure our outside was as it should be My Margret called me and I ran to her stopping to pick something up on the ground on my way.  I don’t know why My Margret shut the door before I could go in.  But she looked at me and said “drop it” and I spit out the mouse I had scooped up.  Both of those times My Greg went out into the pup pen as I was going in the house.  I’m not sure why.  I couldn’t wait to go back out to find what I found so I could bring them to My Margret and My Greg but…  they weren’t there.  I’m not sure where they went, but I’ll keep looking. In the meantime I will keep watch on all the imaginary whatchamacallits that are in our yard.   ~ Bess Pup


There is no end to what I have to do each day.  I bet you didn’t know that all kinds of things float up to the ceiling if they weren’t held down. Well that’s my main job, I am a stuff holder downer.  I can handle it all, boxes, chairs, laundry, pillows, window seats, just to name a few, I can handle it all.  I am also the I’m out of food reminder. What would My Margret and My Greg do without me?   ~ Linus Kitty

This is Belle, Bonnie, Bess, and Linus the “together we’ve got it covered” Pups and Kittiesid

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  1. I am very impressed. You all do your important jobs so well. And I bet you all take turns at being “Chief Cuddler.” 🙂 Please tell Your Margret and Your Greg to not over-do it! Oh, and that they can come spend the rest of the winter at my house in warmer TN if they run out of projects, LOL!

    • Hi Mrs. Amy!
      You are right we do take turns being the Chief Cuddler. How did you know? My Margret said to say thank you about not over doing. I’ll keep watch to make sure they don’t. Um Mrs. Amy I don’t think they are ever going to run out of projects but if they do I’ll send them your way! ~ nose nudges Belle.

    • Hi Mrs. Chris!
      What a fun job your bunnies have! I’ve heard that bunnies do a good job taking care of their people. Sounds like yours are!
      ~ nose nudges Bonnie.

    • Hi Cammie!
      Thanks! I’m handling it better than my dog sisters. They aren’t allowed to get too close but I get right in the middle of it! ~ Purrs Linus Kitty

  2. Well, the pups and Linus keep life fun at the Abbott’s — surely Margret & Greg would get bored except that they are busy making things look good! So, smiles reign in all the corners of the house. Carolyn

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn!
      Yep, there is never a dull moment around here. My Margret and My Greg certainly keep us entertained! 😄 ~ nose nudges Belle

    • Hi Cupcake!
      Thanks! It was fun AND we didn’t fuss about who’s turn it was.
      I’ll tell you a secret, but don’t tell anybody, ok? It’s easy to be brave when I’m taking care of my people. But I’m not brave when it’s really windy or when it’s wet with loud booming noises and flashes of light. ~ nose nudges Bess

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