Disgruntled and Pouty

It’s not fair! 

This morning Linus found a mouse, but he was just watching it. So I rushed in, scooped it up and ran into the living room, where I let it go so I could scoop it up again. It’s a really fun game!

But My Margret didn’t understand how the game is played and she said my sisters and I should go out to our pup pen. I didn’t like that.

Linus told me later that the mouse went back to the dining room where it climbed up My Greg’s guitar and stood on tip toe to try and climb up to the shelf. That’s when My Margret saw it looking at her and using the broom let out a loud scream and tried to hit the mouse.  She missed. “Sigh”  (luckily she missed the guitar too.)

When she left to go to work  Linus said he was in the dining room keeping an eye out for it.  And me?  Well, when she checked on us I got all excited thinking she was going to open the door so I could go back in and play. But she didn’t, so I laid my head back down on my paws and kept on pouting.

This is Bess “the please let me go back in so I can play with the mouse” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. Is this unusual weather that we seem to like causing critters to come out braver??? Take care and have a good day. Things will get better. Carolyn

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn,
      It will be better as soon as I get to go back inside and play “scoop and let go”.
      Can you talk to My Margret and convince her that I NEED to go in? ~ nose nudges Bess

    • Hi Mrs. Amy,
      I don’t think My Margret cared if I had a snack because they don’t put out poison to catch mice. BUT she didn’t want me playing my game of scoop and let go and having to dodge the mouse being followed by me when she was trying to get ready for work. ~ gentle nose nudges Bess.

    • Hi Cupcake! I think I understand how you and your mom feel because My Margret is scared of them too. But it’s so much fun to play the mouse game. Are you sure you don’t want to give it a try? ~ nose nudges Bess

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