Tip Toe Thru The Puddles

So like something’s wrong with My Margret. It rained today and we played out in that rain so when My Margret came home from work we were, you know, wet and muddy. 

After she gave us our supper and let us back out we heard her singing a song. She says it’s to Tiny Tim’s song Tip Toe Thru The Tulips, whoever he is and why does he want to tip toe thru the tulips anyway?

Well whatever, it goes like this.

Tip toe thru the puddles, thru the puddles, thru the puddles, puppies.        Tip toe thru the puddles my girls.

She just keeps sing it over and over and over…but she knows we can’t stay out of puddles, silly My Margret

Here come the mud getter offer towels!

This is Bonnie “one of the three wet muddies” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties

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  1. Oh yes, these 2 (Riley and Lucy) have made a 6 foot circle of mud in the dog lot. I may not mop the hardwoods until after spring is over, or it gets cold again and freezes!

    • Hi Mrs. Amy!
      That’s funny My Margret is saying the same thing about our floors.
      ~Nose nudges Bonnie

  2. At least she is “singing” ??? Sounds like a smile might be going along with the song too!
    When you’re a blonde, the mud is going to show more than if you were brunette. Life in the country Is fun. Carolyn

    • Hi Cupcake! That’s very true but I heard her say something about a B-A-T-H this weekend. It’s quite a production in this family, I like them but my sisters don’t and don’t even talk about the dryer thingy that she is trying to get us used to. ~nose nudges Bonnie.

  3. Our pups are having a hard time staying out of the mud puddles too…Mom has to wipe our feet and mop everytime we go out to play

    • It’s so much fun! But I guess maybe not as much for our moms. My Margret said to tell your mom she understands and feels for her.
      ~ nose nudges Bonnie

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