Lessons From Linus Kitty 

Linus Kitty has been my buddy ever since he came to live with us when he was a tiny kitten. When he first moved in I took him under my paw and taught him how to be a Golden Retriever. 

So when he offered to teach me how to be a holder downer of things I said sure.

First he showed me how he does it.

Then it was my turn.

Well how did I do?

this is Belle “the apprentice holder downer of stuff” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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    • Hi Cupcake! Thanks! I wonder if your mom got some real eggs if you could hatch them? I can just see some little ducks walking after you! ~ nose nudges Belle

    • I like that Lucy and I are both learners. We can encourage each other. Linus and Riley can be proud of their teaching abilities. ~ nose nudges Belle.

  1. Linus — secretary notes, the Bible — I recognize some of the things that you are holding down. And Belle — is that a favorite toy that you are holding down so securely? Please report your progress in the field of “holding down” as life goes on at the Abbott household.
    Linus, you are a fine kitten. Carolyn

    • It is kinda a favorite toy. I’ll keep you all posted as my apprenticeship continues! ~ nose nudges Belle.
      Thank you Mrs. Carolyn! ~ purrs Linus

    • Thank you! Linus was a good student for me so I wanted to be a good one for him. ~ nose nudges Belle.

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