There’s Always Enough Room

My brother kitty Linus was having some time this morning with My Margret. I wanted some time too.
My Margret and My Greg are always saying “Come on up there’s enough room!”

So I did!

~ this is Bess “I’m glad there’s always enough room” Pup for the rest of the Pups and Kitties.

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    • Thank you! Linus doesn’t always like to share. I’m helping him with that. Hugs back! ~ nose nudges Bessie

  1. Hi Bess. I’m glad you decided it was OK and Linus didn’t get mad at you! Although he really doesn’t look like he’s too sure about the new arrangement.

  2. Panning down from the first to the last picture was fun to see how the scene finished. Everyone was there and Bess was esp. happy! The look on their faces was a keeper.

    • Hi Mrs. Carolyn.
      I was very happy once I got to snuggle too!
      Heard you had an adventure today, hope you had fun. ~ nose nudges Bessie pup

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