I Just Want To Nap

There I was taking a nap.

Two of my pup sisters were napping with me. However one of my pup sisters wasn’t napping. Can you guess which one?

The bouncy one decided I needed to be up from my nap so I could play with her.

I was really sleepy so she ramped up her efforts by barking in my ear. My Margret wasn’t fast enough to get a picture of me doing a back flip off of my comfy bed.

~ this is Linus “the I wish my bouncy sister pup would let me sleep” Kitty for the Pups and Kitties

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  1. I hope that the bark got the intended results. The backflip must have been amazing. You will never forget it!

  2. There’s always one in the crowd that just won’t let the others nap. Maybe hide between you other two pup sisters next time, Linus. Oh, and ask for pet insurance so you can go to the chiropractor! ❤

    • Hi Mrs. Amy!
      That’s a good idea! Bouncy Bess will never find me there! I’ll have to let My Margret know about the pet insurance.~ purrs, Linus

    • zzzzzz I’M UP!!! Yikes Cupcake, did you give the Bouncy Girl wake up lessons?
      ~purrs, Linus

  3. Yups it happens almost every time doesn’t it dear furiend. You’re in the middle of dreaming about some wonderful food or a lovely adventure then wham!! Someone wakes you up just before you catch your critter or about the time the tasty treat pops into your mouth. ~sigh~ Siblings will do it every time.

    • Hi Madi!
      Aw, thanks, being fluffy and the same color make it easy to play tricks on My Margret. 😄Thanks too for stopping by we really appreciate it! ~ purrs, Linus

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