Yucky Ears, Cheese And Warm Fuzzies

My Margret took a look at my ears the other  day and saw that they looked yucky. She then decided to use the ear wash to wipe my ears out. I should have known something was up when my sisters went outside and My Margret picked up some fluffy white things,  a light thing, a bottle and said “where do you want to go Belle?” Well that was easy outside of course!  

When that didn’t work I strongly suggested she rub my tummy, she did,  but that didn’t make her forget what she was going to do with the bottle and white fluffy things.

So I jumped up in My Greg’s lap and he talked softly to me and petted me while My Margret wiped out my ears. When she was done she gave me my favorite  treat….cheese! Then are you ready for this? I ALSO got a bone treat when she gave one to my sisters after they came back in.  After a week of this my ears feel better. So even though I don’t like it I’m glad she wiped out my ears.

Today is May 3 and we have frost so I told My Margret we needed to share some warm fuzzies to warm us up.  Enjoy!

~This is Belle ” the I don’t like having my ears messed with but I do like cheese” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. Lots of blonde fur including a little blonde hair from Greg! — because of Belle’s ears — guess having ears taken care of can cause a lot of good cuddling. Greg doesn’t need the furnace as much!
    Keep having fun and enjoy your four legged friends with unconditional love. Carolyn

    • Hi Molly!
      Treats do help don’t they. My Margret says it’s a real good thing that My Greg’s chair is oversized, although even if it wasn’t we figure out a way to fit. ~ nose nudges Belle

  2. Oh, I sure don’t like having my ears cleaned out! I’ll bet you were a very good girl, though, or you wouldn’t have been rewarded with CHEESE. I love CHEESE!
    Great pix. Maggie is drooling over that bowl of popcorn!

    • Hi Cammie! Isn’t cheese the very best!! We love popcorn, but My Margret only let’s us have a little bit because she doesn’t want us to loose our girly figures. *sigh* like you could ever eat too much popcorn. ~ nose nudges Belle.

    • Hi Jo,
      Your puppies are simply adorable. And your dogs are beautiful. Ah dog hair, yep we usually have enough to make a 4th Golden Retriever. They are so worth it though. Thanks for stopping by our blog. ~ Margret

  3. Looks like about 100 pounds of dog in Your Greg’s lap. I am glad your ears are doing better, Belle. Lucy also had to have meds in her left ear this past week, but all looks good now. P.S. Please don’t tell her you got cheese.

    • Hi Mrs. Amy,
      Thanks! Tell Lucy I’m glad her ear is better too. Oh and don’t worry the cheese will be our secret. ~ nose nudges Belle

    • Hi Cupcake! Thanks I’m really glad the yuckiness is gone. There’s just nothing better, well not much anyway than cheese! ~nose nudges Belle.

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