Where’s Mine?

Tonight was a Kong night.

We each have our own way to get the yummy peanut butter out of them.

Bonnie holds it with one paw.
Belle wrinkles up her nose while licking the peanut butter.

Bessie scoots it all over the floor.

And I just want to know where mine is!

~ this is Linus ” the why can’t kitty pups have Kongs too?” Kitty for the rest of the pups and kitties.

P.S.  We want to thank everyone for visiting our blog. We appreciate your likes, comments and the chance to hopefully brighten your day.  Quite simply we couldn’t do what we do without you.            ~ the Pups and Kitties, My Margret

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    • Oh, my pup sisters said that would be awesome to have one every day and that you guys are very lucky. Hey, would you mind talking to My Margret and try convincing her that I should get one too? ~purrs, Linus Kitty

  1. Good strategies to get the goodies, kids! I think kitty-kong is a brilliant idea, L. I wish Mom could invent it and be on Shark Tank and be rich and be on QVC.

    Love and licks,

    • Hi Cupcake!
      Wouldn’t that be awesome! Tell your mom to let My Margret know as soon as she invents it. She’ll be her first customer, I’ll make sure of that! ~ purrs, Linus

    • Hi Maggie!
      That’s a good idea! I’ll go tell My Margret…
      ~ purrs, Linus

  2. You reminded me that I have to get busy filling Lucy’s kong. I bought her two frozen pigs feet yesterday and they are huge! I want her to have them outside though, (it rained all day), say I will give them to her when the sun dries things up today. 🙂

    • Hi Mrs. Amy, all of those goodies sound good. Can I come to your house? ~ purrs, Linus

      • Linus honey, if you can trade your coat for one of the dogs’, you can come any time. You see, my husband is very allergic to cat hair/dander. 😦 We will have to admire you from afar.

      • Oh Mrs. Amy, I sure wouldn’t want to make Mr. Jeff sneeze or feel yucky. And I tried but my sister pups said my coat was too small for them and their coats would be too big for me. Can’t you just imagine how funny I’d look in one of their coats? 🙂

    • Hi Molly,I don’t know but it sure doesn’t seem fair that’s for sure. We need to work on that.
      ~ purrs, Linus

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