Belle Update

We are in day two of trying to calm Belle’s allergies down. Which means messing with her ears and feet both of which she doesn’t like. 

This morning after I wiped her paws multiple times Belle came and stood in front of me. I knelt down and she leaned in and laid her head against my chest. I cuddled her for a bit then she moved away, laid down and invited me to rub her tummy. I did so then went to take a quick peek at her ear. She turned her head to give me a mighty stink eye that said ” I invited you to rub my tummy not mess with my ear.” 

So clearly she forgives me for being the bad guy as long as I don’t overstep the boundaries. Tummy rub time is not ear peeking time!  ~this is Belle’s My Margret for the Pups and Kitties

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    • Belle send her sympathies to Penelope. I hope both girls feel better soon. ~ Belle’s My Margret

    • Tell your mom I said thank you, Maggie!
      Thank you for the Husky hugs too!
      ~ Belle’s My Margret

  1. Life is not a bowl of “cheese.”
    Poor pup. Poor Margret. This too shall pass and greater love shall come of it all.

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