Almost But Not Quite

This morning My Margret and I went to see Dr. Coder so she could check my ears.  

My Margret put me in the backseat with my tennis ball. You’d think she would know by now that I’m a co-pilot not a backseat driver. So I jumped into the front seat where I belonged. 

While we were waiting My Margret knew I was nervous so she was talking to me and calling me her sweet girl. I liked that.   

Dr. Coder said that after 2 weeks my ear infection while better still isn’t gone. So she said that she was going to flush out my ears and put in an antibiotic that would last for two weeks. That didn’t sound like fun to me and I didn’t want to go with her but My Margret but she told me I had to.  I also have to have steroid pills but I think I heard something about hot dogs…

By the time we left I had had enough so I pretty much pouted all the way home and didn’t even take the treat My Margret gave to me. 

After we got home I thought it over and decided that both My Margret and Dr. Coder were just trying to help me feel better.

So all is good and I even invited My Margret to give me a tummy rub. Which she did!

~ this is Belle ” I’m almost but not quite better ” Pup for the rest of the pups and kitties.

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  1. Almost better is a good start, B. The steroid pills will help. I took them once when I had allergies – only for a little while. Too many steroid pills are no good for anybody – human or fuzzy. Good luck. Oh, and I like your strategy of not taking the treat. That has worked well for me, too. Mom says, “OK. I get it. You’re mad… Message received.” And then she calls me the name of Spoiled, which I think means something like Sweet….

    Love and licks,

    • Hi Cupcake! Thank you. I agree with you I’m sure spoiled means sweet. ~nose nudges Belle

  2. Poor puppy. 😦 Ear infections are no fun for anybody. If we could just think of a way to keep air flowing to them better…I know! I could shave under both ears and then pull both ears up and attach a chip clip to the hair on the ends of your ears to hold them up! 🙂 Oh, yes, you probably would then shake your head and my most excellent plan would fall down, he, he. *hugs* to you, Belle.

    • Hi Mrs. Amy! That’s funny because My Margret had the same thought! She figured like you did that it wouldn’t work but she thinks it would be awesome if it did.
      ~nose nudges Belle Pup

  3. Oh, Belle! Sorry to hear your infection hasn’t cleared up! And getting your ears flushed out?!? Did they use the big turkey-baster-looking thing? I had to have that one time. Oh, it was terrible. Well, not so much “terrible” as not really on my agenda of what I wanted to do that day. I let the solution sit in my ear a little, then shook it out ALL over my vet, the students (we go to a university teaching hospital), and the vet tech. Mom saw it coming and backed away too fast for me to “get” her. I thought it was appropriate pay-back. It DID help my infection clear up … so I’m glad I cooperated and all. I hope yours goes away FAST!!!!

    • Hi Cammie! We should start a club for turkey baster ear flusher outer pups. It sure wasn’t on my agenda either but I’m glad it helped your ear infection maybe it will help mine too.
      ~ nose nudges Belle

  4. Yes, we are sure they were just doing what needed to be done to make you feel better BUTT it is best if they give you many treats and pets to make up for it.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy and Stanley

    • Hi Guys! There have been many treats and belly rubs, it almost makes it worth it. Almost! ~nose nudges Belle

  5. So glad to know things are getting better sweet furiend. Ear infections are the bane of some of us pups. My Angel sister Penny had to get her ears flushed a few times as well. Mom started having her put to sleep to get them done after a while. We’ll be keeping you and your family in our prayers that the next report is ear infections alll gone.

    • Hi Molly! Thank you, yeah ear infections aren’t any fun that’s for sure. We sure appreciate the prayers. I go back in a late next week for a check up. ~nose nudges Belle

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