Lucy Update

First of all I just want to thank everyone for their prayers, thoughts, support and comments. This has been a tough day and you all helped us through it. You all are awesome!

The good news is that Lucy does not have any internal injuries. She does have a cut on her tongue which is why she was bleeding. 

The more difficult news is that her left hind leg was broken into 4-5 fragments. We were given the option of a referral to a surgeon who with plates  and screws could try to put it back together which would be a long and painful recovery or our vet could amputate her leg. Once it heals she won’t be in pain and should be able to manage very well.  

Greg and I went into this wanting what was going to be best for Lucy. I asked the vet if this were her kitty what would she do and she didn’t hesitate to say amputate. Given Lucy’s age it’s simply what is going to be best for her. She has surgery tomorrow and if all goes well we should be able to bring her home on Saturday.

The best news was that Dr. Coder said that she is in excellent health for a 16 year old kitty.

Once again thank you!

God bless you and yours.                                                      ~ Margret

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  1. OMD Mrs. Margret! I can’t believe it. We are soooo sorry to hear that this happened. It makes our tummies hurt. We are sending lots of prayers for Lucy’s comfort and fast healing. We love you! Noodle and Mom

  2. What a day it’s been for all of you. Amputation sounds so scary, but given the condition of Lucy’s leg, it is undoubtedly the best choice. Good luck, sweetie. Prayers for your speedy recovery and adjustment, courage for your family, and skill and compassion for your doctors and nurses.

    Love and extra licks,
    Cupcake and Mom

    • Hi Cupcake and Mom, the thought of it is scary and it feels weird that something so drastic is the best decision for Lucy but we know that it is. Thank you for your prayers~ hugs and cuddles, Margret

      Thank you Cupcake and mom, I’m going to be glad when I can come back home. But I like the pats and cuddles everyone is giving me. I know My Margret and My Greg trust Dr Corder and Dr. Bols and everyone else there to help me to get better so that’s good enough for me. ~ gentle head bumps Lucy Kitty

  3. Oh wow – poor little Lucy, we missed your first post about Lucy. Like you said – it is scary and weird that something so drastic is the best choice. She will adjust just fine – never did have to have that done on one of my pets however have seen numerous on tv and video and it is amazing to me how quickly they adjust. Sending POTP for Lucy and prayers and hugs for you all too.
    Mom Kim

    • Thank you Kim, we really appreciate the encouragement, prayers and hugs. ~Margret

  4. My neighbor’s calico had plates in one leg. Her owner, a veterinarian, put them in her injured leg when he was a young veterinarian who wanted to try his new skills. In cold weather, she suffered because of the plates absorbing cold, I suppose, and she was very touchy.

    As extreme as amputation seems, it probably will have your kitty pain in the long run, and she will adapt quickly to the loss, if other kitties and dogs are any indication. Bless you for making the decision needed, as tough as it had to be.

    • Thank you, I appreciate the encouragement. Our vet said much of the same thing, We talked about Lucy’s personality and what she likes to do and with some modification until she gets used to her new normal she should be able to do what she did before. The important thing for us was that going with the amputation she wouldn’t be in pain after she heals. ~Margret

  5. As horrible as this whole incident has been, I know you are very thankful that it wasn’t life-threatening. I’ve known dogs who had either front or back leg amputations and they are healthy and happy. Animals adapt so much fast than humans to whatever their condition is as long as they are not in pain. Without doubt, you made the right choice for Lucy. Love and hugs to you all.

    • Thank you Amy, Yes, we are very thankful this wasn’t life threatening. I keep going back to the fact that she, and the rest of us will find the new normal and all will be fine it’s just going to take time.
      Thank you for the encouragement, it means so much, esp since we don’t have any previous experience with this sort of situation.
      ~Love and hugs back

      • With what I read in your post today, I don’t things will go back to normal…they will go to better. I know you can make this work with Bess.

      • Thank you Amy, I like that, “they will go to better”. Greg and I have been thinking and planning on how to make this work for everyone in the best possible way. We put the crates up tonight so the dogs can get used to them being in the living room. Belle loved her crate and she’s trying to figure out how she can get inside. 🙂

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