Lucy Kitty Surgery

Hi All,

Just a quick update. I talked to the vet clinic and Lucy did just fine. They amputated up to her hip so she won’t have complications down the road. 

I’m to call tomorrow afternoon to check on her and if all goes well as they are anticipating we can bring her home on Saturday.

It’s really hard not calling more often and I can’t wait until Saturday when she can come back home.

In the meantime we are going to make an “apartment” for her using two of the dog crates. So she will be as comfy as she can be while she recuperates.  

The next thing will be to teach Lucy and Bess pup how to coexist since we aren’t comfortable with Lucy hanging out in the basement any longer.  Bess needs to learn that she needs to be gentle and as a friend said “respect her seniors”.  And Lucy needs to stand up to the pup much like she did when she taught Bonnie and Belle that she was boss. All within extremely safe boundaries.  So the next few weeks/months/years should prove interesting. But first we need to bring our sweet girl home and let her recoup. 

Once again thank you  for your prayers and words of encouragement. We would appreciate your continued thoughts, encouragement, suggestions and prayers as we all get used to Lucy’s new normal. You guys are awesome.

~hugs,  Margret 

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  1. Great update, Margret. I’m so happy the surgery went well. That little kitty is tougher than she looks. I love the idea of giving her a double crate so she can recuperate and stay safe. Continued prayers and happy healing thoughts are coming your way.

    Love and licks,
    Cupcake and Mom

    • Thank you Genevieve and Cupcake, To show how tough and determined Lucy is, she was part of a litter of kittens one of our barn cats had. When she was about 8 weeks old she climbed up the scaffolding (we were painting the outside of our two story farmhouse) to the landing windows and meowed to be let in. I brought her in and put her back outside, after the 3rd time I called Greg at work and said we have a new inside kitty and here we are 16 years later…~ Margret

  2. So relieved Lucy did well with the surgery. Thanks for taking the time for the update. Continued prayers and thoughts coming your way.

  3. We are SO happy to hear that she did well. Once she gets home and comfortable, we’re sure she’ll be good as new in no time. Sending love and hugs and POTP! *ear licks* Noodle

  4. I’m a little behind with this but I’m so glad to hear the surgery was a success and that Lucy is doing okay!!! Me and Keiko are sending you guys lots of love and healing vibes! ❤

    • Hi Mia, You and your family have been a bit busy. Thank you to you and Keiko for the love and healing vibes we appreciate it. ~

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