Happy Birthday Pups!

Happy 5th Birthday Belle and Bonnie! Sweet pups you brighten our days, make us laugh and sometimes shake our heads.      We love you to pieces girly pups!           ~your My Margret and My Greg

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  1. Happy Birthday, woofies! My kitty boys share a birthday, too, and I know the more the better when it comes to celebrations! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    • Hi! Thank you! It is fun. That’s cool that your kitty boys share a bday too! ~ nose nudges Belle and Bonnie

      • Thanks, Belle and Bonnie! Yes, the kitty boys were quints, though one sister died at birth. t=They have another brother and sister who live together in a home in South Dakota, though they don’t like each other like Andy and Dougy do.

      • We’re glad that Andy and Dougy share the same special bond that we do. You just can’t beat it! ~ Belle and Bonnie

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